Sport Utility Vehicles are Emphasizing Sport Over Utility

Sport utility vehicles were originally designed for people that needed to conquer unforgiving terrain, and their designs placed functionality over convenience. However, they soon became popular with people looking for an alternative to minivans and wagons. This led to a new breed of SUV which placed more emphasis on luxury and sportiness.

While most modern SUVs make a great deal of their off-road credentials, this is often little more than a marketing tactic. Car makers know that very few owners will ever take their Read the rest of this entry »

Can American Luxury Cars Succeed in European Markets?

Once upon a time, American luxury cars were deemed inferior to their European counterparts. They were viewed as under-performing and unrefined. However, things are beginning to change. More European markets are choosing to purchase American-made luxury cars than ever before. American cars have elevated their standard of quality to an entire new level. Based on the recent reliability data, American luxury cars are also delivering excellent dependability ratings.

A car such as Cadillac’s ATS is one example of a luxury sedan that can compete in Europe. Not only does Read the rest of this entry »

Concept Cars Are Hints to Manufacturers’ Future Production Models

Have you ever looked at a car and wondered what in the world the manufacturer was thinking? The car you were looking at was most likely a concept car. There are very few of these cars made because the maker wants to find out what the public thinks about the car. The maker also wants to find out how the car will drive on the road and if it would potentially sell. Most auto shows have concept cars. Read the rest of this entry »

Classic Car Dealers in Cali

You spend your days thinking about and what your boss wants from you – why not give yourself a break and head to California for the International Auto Show this year? While you’re here give one of the state’s best antique auto dealers a visithere are a few of our favorites! Kassabian Motors – This dealer has been a leader in California classic auto sales for years – people who live here know if they’re looking for something special to head to Kassabian. They’re expensive but they really have a handle on the industry. West Coast Classics – This is more of a young-person’s dealership. They’ve got all the muscle cars you’d expect to find in California (painted bright colors, obviously) and they can customize just about any ride. They’ll even help you find the right vehicle and ship it in if they don’t have it on their lot themselves. Chequered Flag Classics – Located in Los Angeles this dealership really is the real deal. It’s a bunch of people who love cars more than you do and they’ve got an extensive network in California which means you can find the part or the car that you’ve been looking for with their help.

Fuel Cells: Are They the Future of Automotive Propulsion?

The automotive industry is changing faster than we can imagine. First there was the huge transition from manual to automatic transmission and then came the hybrid vehicles and now there are the fuel cell electric vehicles. All this changes are coming to effect through the attempts to reduce on environmental pollution. Is it therefore safe to assume that the future of automotive propulsion lies in the fuel cells?

The fuel cell was first developed in 1839 by a Welsh physicist, William Grove, and has undergone numerous Read the rest of this entry »

Mini Vans are No Longer Just for Soccer Moms

Mini vans are no longer just for soccer moms anymore. There are mini vans out there that cater to virtually all types of people. There are mini vans that cater to sporty people. These types of mini vans are kind of shaped like an SUV and have a sporty look to them.

There are also luxury mini vans, and these types of mini vans offers much more room than most mini vans. Some luxury mini vans offers drivers adaptive cruise control as well as roof racks. Luxury mini Read the rest of this entry »

American Pony Cars Combine Modern Technology and Nostalgia

In 1964, America saw the birth of the pony car. The concept was to put a powerful engine into a relatively small and light four seater coupe and convertible that was built for fun but still offered a bit of utility. And it seems that the country was ready for such an offering as the models lit up the sales charts. Over the next several years these cars became more and more powerful and young car buyers just had to have them. They we somewhat rudimentary by today’s standards but they were, nonetheless, a total blast to drive Read the rest of this entry »

Korean Manufacturers Grow Up to Deliver Quality and Value

When Korea first began to produce automobiles, they decided to attack the low end of the global market. Their cars were known to be small, light, underpowered, and light on technology and features. As they developed a dealership network and a better understanding of the market, Korean manufacturers saw opportunities to go head on with the near luxury and even full luxury brands from Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Design shifted from cheap to something that emulated the top auto makers Read the rest of this entry »

New Hybrids Marry Power and Economy

The new hybrids are different. The emphasis today is on power as well as economy. The hybrid certainly does address the issue and concern of sky-rocketing fuel prices. The engineering process of the manufacturers of these cars is now making a statement of power that goes along with fuel economy. Most automobile manufacturers either have presented their own version of the fuel-savvy hybrid, or have announced plans in the near future to do so.

A hybrid car is a vehicle Read the rest of this entry »